Rio is the Mascot of SOS CUBS

Who can Jump, play, climb, chase & swim too.

SOS Stands for School of Scholars. CUBS is a Tiger & Tigress Baby.

"Pugmark of Success” – Footprints walking with me Footsteps I cannot see But every move I make And Every step I take I know they are with me They walk with me all the way Beside me day by day Through good and bad Through happy and sad Those footsteps never go away they pave the path to begin a journey of lifelong learning at my school.

We at our Preschool strive to make these crucial early years which define the future years as enriching as possible. We focus on the holistic growth and development of children. We are currently spreading this goodness at 20 branches across the major cities of Vidarbha. We are all geared up to spread this through our varied well-designed early years skill-based programme.


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