About School Of Scholars

Founder believes that "True education is to train mind, body, and soul". Having a visionary mindset, we consistently embrace quality education.We believe in 3Ds: Dedication, Determination, and Diligence.

Schools nurture children with Dedication and pledge to "Shape tomorrow's future positive leaders". We recognize, identify, and foster the unique abilities of each student. Through Determination, we nurture the mind, body and soul. Through Diligence, we achieve each student’s development needs.


About School Of Scholars CUBS

At SOS CUBS, we ensure a safe and nurturing environment for children's early education. School is committed to fostering joyful learning in every child, and we believe that the foundation of preschool education should build upon Curiosity, Creativity, and Exploration.

SOS CUBS equipped with highly qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching nursery children and use innovative teaching methodology to meet their educational needs. We strongly believe in building soulful relationships and encouraging free conversation among parents, teachers, and students. We intend to become the best nursery school in Maharashtra to instil values of respect, responsibility, and kindness in all our students.

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