Every learner will receive a foundation of positive ideals from us. Given the substantial impact that a positive attitude has on overall health, we strive to establish a setting in which young students exhibit the traits of contented academics. School nurturing environment promotes attributes of preschool learning like joy in learning and personal growth, encouraging kids to discover their interests. Through interactive activities and a helping group, we foster connections that contribute to students' learning.



We cultivate social learners who embrace cooperation, empathy, and gratitude, ensuring that they express emotions of thanks and apology with sincerity. Schools allow kids to engage in team activities and group plays. Preschoolers will learn to value opinions and respect the viewpoints of others. Our inclusive approach to education helps kids develop strong interpersonal skills that foster meaningful relationships with their peers and community.


We work to cultivate creative minds by nurturing kids' unique ideas and boundless imagination. With the help of various activities, little kids are encouraged to explore their artistic and intellectual personalities. SOS CUBS provide creative resources and support at preschool age to experiment, innovate, and express their inner self. By fostering a culture of curiosity and experimentation, we inspire young minds to think outside the box and discover new things.



Our little learners are encouraged to become curious, and eager to understand their surroundings. We foster an environment where raw questions are accepted and answered, empowering children to seek answers and embark on a journey of discovery. Through hands-on experiences and interactive learning, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We provide a diverse range of subjects and activities that challenge students to ask questions and broaden their level of thinking.


We aspire to create selfless, compassionate learners who actively engage in tiny acts of kindness, encouraging a cooperative and compassionate culture in our preschools. Students will learn respect and kindness through interactive role-playing games. School tells them about the importance of empathy and teaches them to recognize and respond.



The fundamental abilities of sharing and taking shifts are facilitated at pre-school age. They are taught not to put unfair or thoughtless blame on other people, which develops a feeling of accountability and justice from an early age. Through inclusive games and activities, students learn the value of equal participation and collaboration. We teach children to appreciate diverse perspectives and to approach conflicts with empathy and respect.


We put a lot of effort into creating an environment where our young students constantly act and express the truth. In such a nurturing environment at the pre-primary level, we strive to instil honesty and integrity. Open communication and positive reinforcement, guide students to recognize the importance of honesty. We encourage kids to take responsibility for their actions and learn from their experiences.



We are dedicated to fostering generous learners who not only possess high self-esteem but also exhibit adaptability in various social situations, effortlessly making friends. We induce the values of generosity, self-confidence, and social adaptability. Kids are taught about the joy of sharing with others, whether it’s through collaborative projects or acts of kindness. By encouraging a spirit of open-heartedness and community involvement, we help students build lasting, meaningful relationships.

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