SOS CUBS Facilities

The theme-based classroom and preschool day care facilities are unique features of the SOS CUBS. Helpful activity rooms to provide hands-on experience to budding learners filled with engagements. Safe and secure campus, digital learning platform, active parents interface systems, transport facility with GPD System. Insurance and Med claim is available for each child as per standard policies. The school promises a smooth transition of the SOS CUBS to SOS Little Scholars.

Fun Filled Activities

SOS CUBS offers facilities that encourage & ensure cognitive, psycho-motor & affective learning. Our classrooms and open spaces are designed to support our students in all three domains. Moreover, we provide a range of other facilities for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment which contribute to the child's holistic development.


Safe & Secure Campus

Our campus is meticulously designed to provide a completely safe and secure environment, ensuring peace of mind for both parents and learners. With dedicated security personnel, access control measures, and state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance, we maintain a watchful eye on every corner of our child-friendly infrastructure.

Digital Learning

We take pride in offering a cutting-edge learning experience through our completely digital approach. Our pre-primary and primary students embark on a journey of discovery with state-of-the-art digital learning tools and resources. From interactive lessons to engaging educational apps, we leverage technology to enhance the learning process.


Juno App: Ensuring Parent Involvement

We prioritize a dynamic and transparent connection between parents and our pre-primary and primary students through our exclusive ‘Juno’ Application. This innovative platform ensures that parents stay informed about their child's academic progress, upcoming events, and important announcements in real-time.

Transport Facility with GPS System

Ensuring the safety and security of our pre-primary and primary students is paramount at SOS CUBS, and our commitment extends to our comprehensive Transport Facility with GPS System. With a focus on providing a secure commuting experience, our school buses are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology.


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